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All the Camp 4 Recipes

Maple Cranberry Bourbon Glaze


This week I returned to my roots; to Northern Wisconsin and the family lake cabin. As per the tradition, viagra buy discount there is plenty of food and family game time. There was also a visit to the local Cranberry festival in Eagle River, cialis sale Wisconsin where we celebrated the local harvest. Needless to say, we managed to come back with a few pounds of these antioxidant rich, ruby red babies. I took this opportunity to use a few and come up with this tart and tasty glaze for our whoa-fully plain looking ham. The sweet and tart balance the ham’s salty smoke flavor and add a festive red color. This glaze can work on turkey or chicken as well. Continue reading

Baba ghanoush Recipe (Roasted Eggplant Spread)

They are sitting out there in my fall garden, buy cialis ampoule ready to be harvested.  But what to do with all that wonderful eggplant?

The first time I made this recipe and took it to a party, it was met with rave reviews and a few smirks as guest tried to pronounce the name.  Baba ghanoush (pronounced bä-b?-g?-?nüsh) is a Lebanese dish made mostly of eggplant that has found its way into many eateries and grocery stores.  While maybe not as mainstream as hummus, it is a healthy, low-fat, gluten-free, veggie-packed spread (and can be made dairy-free as well).

Don’t be intimidated by eggplant – you can easily turn this purple monster into an easy and healthy spread that goes great with flatbread or other cut vegetables.  And no need to salt it to get rid of the bitterness like with other recipes – the roasting beats back the bitter and heightens the natural sweetness.  I make a batch of this on Sunday and it becomes part of the weekly snack set up.

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Duck Bacon Pasta Alla Carbonara

I made this dish for my husband’s birthday.  It features our Duck Eggs and Duck Bacon (which is essentially cured duck breast sliced on the bias and leaving the fat in place).  It was incredible!  Best eaten the same day it is prepared as over time the “sauce” is absorbed into the noodles and loses the texture.

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Bark Recipe

I was asked to bring a sweet treat to a wonderful event this past weekend – “Celebrating Trees”.  As the title indicates, viagra sovaldi it was a benefit focused on trees; a combination of art, and music and poetry.  Wanting to keep with the theme, for sale I came up with this chocolate “bark” recipe.  It is quick, easy and was such a crowd favorite that I was asked for the recipe by nine people at the event.  In fact, it went so fast I failed to get a picture of the final product!  But with a crowd pleasing combination of chocolate and peanut butter, I guess I wasn’t too surprised.

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Mussels with Tomato Sauce

We had a craving for seafood the other night, cialis generic see but not a lot of time to prepare an elaborate dish.  Our local fish monger had just harvested some fresh mussels and from that and some other fresh, discount viagra local ingredients, cialis sale this quick, delicious dish was born!  A tribute to my travels through the south of France and to the local foods available during the summer.

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