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Information on growing your own food

Getting a jump on Spring Veggies- growing from seed

Unless you live in a southern or tropical climate, sildenafil salve I am sure cabin fever has set in by February and you start to get itchy to get back outside. In addition to this, salve being a garden enthusiast means that you start looking for excuses to get dirt under your fingernails. 

But then again, store maybe you are not a garden fanatic, but this year you have ambitions of growing food in your yard or in container pots on you porch. Where do you begin? When do you begin? This post will show you the simple task of getting some early spring Veggies started from seed. Or check out this online video to learn the basics. Continue reading

O’ (Live) Christmas Tree

Since we moved to the Pacific Northwest, viagra healing we adopted a new Christmas tradition involving the centerpiece of the holiday, sildenafil order the Christmas Tree. 

I have always enjoyed the smell and look of a live tree, levitra but it came with guilt knowing that it is harvested for just for a 6 week stay in our home.  Artifical trees have perceived enviro-benefit, but you need to use them for 20+ years to be “carbon nuetral”. They are made overseas with plastic, so there is “green” guilt there as well.

We began exploring a sustainable and guilt-free way to enjoy this holiday tradition.  After doing some research, we chose to go with a live tree that can be planted in our yard when the holiday is over.

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