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Information about Foraging for Food

Picking Summer Berries with the Help of a Berry Rake

Today was our first day to pick our first harvest of summer berries. Raspberries, discount cialis view Currants and Red Huckleberries are all ripe this time of year and our edible landscape is exploding with fruit.

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Great Pumpkins: It’s what’s inside that counts

I have just emerged from an afternoon elbow deep in pumpkin innards and loving it!  Do you have your carving tools ready?  We busted ours out after a trip to our local u-pick farms and carved a “brand appropriate” pumpkin to decorate our porch for the pending Trick-o-Treaters (TOTs).

Halloween is my favorite holiday and pumpkin carving is such a key part of the festivities.  But don’t think about these orange orbs as just decoration as you can have a enjoyment of them in other ways. Continue reading

Maple Cranberry Bourbon Glaze


This week I returned to my roots; to Northern Wisconsin and the family lake cabin. As per the tradition, viagra buy discount there is plenty of food and family game time. There was also a visit to the local Cranberry festival in Eagle River, cialis sale Wisconsin where we celebrated the local harvest. Needless to say, we managed to come back with a few pounds of these antioxidant rich, ruby red babies. I took this opportunity to use a few and come up with this tart and tasty glaze for our whoa-fully plain looking ham. The sweet and tart balance the ham’s salty smoke flavor and add a festive red color. This glaze can work on turkey or chicken as well. Continue reading

The “Off the Grid” Local Thanksgiving

The intention of this year’s Thanksgiving was to focus our sustainable living efforts towards the use of local ingredients. The greater powers-that-be apparently thought that was too easy and decided to challenge us further by hitting us with a doozy of a winter storm that knocked out the power for three days.  

So not only were we challenged with making our favorite dishes with some new techniques and ingredients (aka homemade Cream of Mushroom Soup and a local Heritage Turkey), generic viagra cialis sale we also had to cook everything without and oven or conventional range stove. We were not going to let this act of nature stop us from celebrating and eating our Thanksgiving meal.  

So here is how we faired not only cooking a sustainably sourced Thanksgiving meal but how we prepared it “off-the-grid”.  

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