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Energy Saving tips for around your home

Heat Pumps: Reducing your Energy Usage

The energy consumption in our home is horribly high!  We use a lot and we waste a lot.  We are not proud of either of these facts but our house is insulated poorly and uses a big, viagra sales rx energy guzzling, viagra canada unhealthy electric furnace.  So try as we might to reduce our energy bill, we are only able to effect a small percentage.

While we have committed to upgrading the insulation ourselves (at least to date, we have committed to doing it ourselves) the heating component is something for the professionals.  After talking with many, and doing a lot of our own research, we have been leaning towards investing in a heat pump. Continue reading

Deep Energy Impact: RePower to the People

You would think for a family dedicated to sustainable living, discount cialis viagra we would have the lowest energy usage on the block.  And admittedly, best viagra I thought we were doing pretty good – turning off lights, lowering our thermostat at night, unplugging un-needed appliances.  But then I opened our energy bill and found there was a report that outlined our energy usage versus that of our neighbors in similar size houses.

We weren’t just bad- we were the worst!  I had the same feeling of horror and embarrassment that I had when I got a big red “F” on a test I thought I aced.  I wanted to just crawl in a dark, energy-free zone, out of shame and humiliation.

How could WE be this bad?  Was this even our bill?  Maybe all our neighbors had moved out and we hadn’t seem them leave?  Or someone must be coming over during the night and plugging in their fleet of electric cars! That has to be it!  When none of this seemed plausible, I immediately started looking for flaws in the report’s methodology – the equivalent of hoping for a grading bell curve.

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Power down for Earth Hour!

Saving the planet is
as easy as turning off the lights!

Wouldn’t that be great!?!  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all it took to save the planet, viagra sales advice end global climate change, generic viagra for sale decrease our collective carbon footprint, and preserve our resources for future generations, was to turn off the lights for an hour??  Unfortunately, that is not going to be enough to save the planet but it is certainly a step in the right direction.

So maybe participating in Earth Day seems like a hurdle, so why not try out Earth Hour and see how it goes.  It is minimal impact on you and sends a big message to the rest of the plant (and maybe beyond as when done collectively, this impact can be seen in space).

Here’s how it works…

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New Year’s Resolution: Our Carbon Diet for No Impact

It is a new year with a it comes resolutions; to live a better life, cialis generic pharmacy to loose weight, health to give back, to save more money or whatever you feel you or your family could improve upon. It is a time to reflect but to also look forward. To start with a clean slate of possibility. So why not look at making things better for your household and the planet?

At Camp 4, we decided to not only start the post-holiday-lose-the-gained-weight diet, but also a a carbon diet. And like most successful diets, it is best to adopt habits that will stick with you after long after the first two weeks (the lifespan of most post New Year’s diets).

We started off the New Year at by participating in a nationwide week-long carbon cleanse with others in the “sustainable community”! Organized by YES! Magazine, Sustainable Bainbridge and other resilient communities, the No Impact Project (initiated by Colin Beavan, author of No Impact Man) reached out to “people around the U.S. to consider – and experiment with – different sustainable choices” regarding purchases, trash, transportation, food, energy, water, and community – over the course of eight days.
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The “Off the Grid” Local Thanksgiving

The intention of this year’s Thanksgiving was to focus our sustainable living efforts towards the use of local ingredients. The greater powers-that-be apparently thought that was too easy and decided to challenge us further by hitting us with a doozy of a winter storm that knocked out the power for three days.  

So not only were we challenged with making our favorite dishes with some new techniques and ingredients (aka homemade Cream of Mushroom Soup and a local Heritage Turkey), generic viagra cialis sale we also had to cook everything without and oven or conventional range stove. We were not going to let this act of nature stop us from celebrating and eating our Thanksgiving meal.  

So here is how we faired not only cooking a sustainably sourced Thanksgiving meal but how we prepared it “off-the-grid”.  

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