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Ban the Bag or Bag the Ban?

Our energy consumption in our home is horribly high!  We use a lot and we waste a lot.  We are not proud of either of these facts but our house is insulated poorly and uses a big, discount cialis drugstore energy guzzling, electric furnace.  So try as we might to reduce our energy bill, we are only able to effect a small percentage.

While we have committed to upgrading the insulation ourselves (at least to date, we have committed to doing it ourselves) the heating component is something for the professionals.  After talking with many, and doing a lot of our own research, we have been leaning towards investing in a heat pump. Continue reading

Heat Pumps: Reducing your Energy Usage

The snow has descended on Camp 4 and it has been interesting to see how the animals have reacted since it is a rare event here in the Pacific Northwest.

And then after three days you start to get cabin fever and splice together a montage of footage..  Check out our short video, generic viagra buy “Snow Birds”.

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America Recycles Day! Celebrate and Learn

In case you haven’t caught the buzz, viagra canada seek I have expanded beyond sharing what we do and have learned about Sustainable Living beyond this blog site.  I am now contributing as a blogger on Family Circle’s blog site – Momster.

It is a great opportunity to share with others and hopefully learn what they are doing as well to live a life with less impact.  If you haven’t caught the articles, viagra here is a summary of all the published posts and links.  Please share with your friends and family and be part of the solution to live better.

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Beyond the Brown Bag: packing lunches with less impact

I made this dish for my husband’s birthday.  It features our Duck Eggs and Duck Bacon (which is essentially cured duck breast sliced on the bias and leaving the fat in place).  It was incredible!  Best eaten the same day it is prepared as over time the “sauce” is absorbed into the noodles and loses the texture.

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The new Grocery Getter – The electric assist bike

The use of “green” is everywhere these days.  I am not talking about use of the color in fashion or the summer pallet of the trees, cialis canada ailment but the use of the word to describe a way of living – “Green Living”.

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to finding time to “save the planet”, I struggled to get to this momentous task as part of my day.  After getting through my list of things to do, I feel truly accomplished if I actually have time to read one of the magazines siting in a decorative pile on my coffee table.

But I wanted to do something to help out the planet.  These days, unhealthy you hear so much about how the climate is changing and there is an island of garbage is floating in the seas and how the polar bears don’t have solid ice to stand on.  I am even struck by how things have changed during my lifetime. I look at the kids playing in our neighborhood and wonder, “what things will be like for them when they are my age?”.  But what can I do?  What does it mean to live “green”?

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