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America Recycles Day! Celebrate and Learn

If you have been following this blog for a while, viagra generic click you have probably heard from us about the importance of recycling, generic viagra reusing and reducing.  I’ll say it again – it is one of the easiest things you can do to live a more sustainable lifestyle.  But we know from experience that sometimes you still ask the question, “but where does this go?” (referencing your trash of course).

Well today, November 15th, is America Recycles Day and our good friends at Nature Bridge, who are dedicated to “connecting youth to the Natural World” have chosen today as the special day to launch their new website dedicated to helping all of us be better about how we manage our waste streams.  After just a few minutes of using it, we have given My Garbology“must bookmark” rating.  Here is what we really love about the site after only one day of using it.

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Beyond the Brown Bag: packing lunches with less impact

With the downturn of the economy, viagra buy find one of our family’s cost cutting measures has been to pack our own lunches for work or school.  This practice allowed us to save a few dollars but as I was packing lunches a few weeks ago, viagra buy I suddenly was struck by the amount of waste that each brown bag was generating.

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The new Grocery Getter – The electric assist bike

Last month, viagra buy ampoule I hit the open road for our island’s annual garden tour.  And unlike past years, best cialis I thought I should embrace alternative transportation and bike to each one of the gardens (a 25 mile tour with hills, valleys and more hills).

What I miscalculated was 1) my level of conditioning 2) the weight of my road bike on all the hills!

Let me just say first, it was totally fun, but exhasting!  But let me also admit, it got me thinking why I don’t get around town by bike more often.  The answer boils down to the reasons outlined in points #1 and #2 above.

So #1 is just about getting out there and getting back in shape – I will admit that the last year has had me in front of my computer more than working out.  But as much good intention I have, every time I think about biking somewhere, I remember the killer hills near our home and my ambitions to be a biking road warrior quickly die.  So that leads to point #2 – getting a better bike to help me get up the hills.

So wrapped in a cloud of Bengay, I head to my local bike shop for some coaching and purchase support.

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Deep Energy Impact: RePower to the People

You would think for a family dedicated to sustainable living, discount cialis viagra we would have the lowest energy usage on the block.  And admittedly, best viagra I thought we were doing pretty good – turning off lights, lowering our thermostat at night, unplugging un-needed appliances.  But then I opened our energy bill and found there was a report that outlined our energy usage versus that of our neighbors in similar size houses.

We weren’t just bad- we were the worst!  I had the same feeling of horror and embarrassment that I had when I got a big red “F” on a test I thought I aced.  I wanted to just crawl in a dark, energy-free zone, out of shame and humiliation.

How could WE be this bad?  Was this even our bill?  Maybe all our neighbors had moved out and we hadn’t seem them leave?  Or someone must be coming over during the night and plugging in their fleet of electric cars! That has to be it!  When none of this seemed plausible, I immediately started looking for flaws in the report’s methodology – the equivalent of hoping for a grading bell curve.

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Power down for Earth Hour!

Saving the planet is
as easy as turning off the lights!

Wouldn’t that be great!?!  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all it took to save the planet, viagra sales advice end global climate change, generic viagra for sale decrease our collective carbon footprint, and preserve our resources for future generations, was to turn off the lights for an hour??  Unfortunately, that is not going to be enough to save the planet but it is certainly a step in the right direction.

So maybe participating in Earth Day seems like a hurdle, so why not try out Earth Hour and see how it goes.  It is minimal impact on you and sends a big message to the rest of the plant (and maybe beyond as when done collectively, this impact can be seen in space).

Here’s how it works…

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