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All about CSAs – Community Sustainable Agriculture; where they are, what they do, and how you can join!

Time to Sign Up for your Shell-fish CSA membership

Every year we look forward to renewing our local CSA (Community Sustainable Agriculture) memberships.  On Bainbridge Island, cialis illness we enjoy our weekly produce from Butler Green Farms CSA program but we really look forward to our monthly delivery of fresh oysters through the Port Madison Community Shellfish Farms.

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Drink Responsibly – Sustainable Drinks for New Years

Tis the season for celebration and as with many cultures, cialis sales click  we typically (and joyfully) include some holiday libations.  As we get ready to celebrate the New Year, tadalafil our attention on sustainable living focused on the liquor cabinet and making sure it was stocked with choices that have a better impact on the environment and local economy.  So the theme of drinking responsibly takes on a dual meaning.

The good news is that these days it is not hard to find choices that are better for the environment.  Sustainably grown and harvested wines are more accessable and affordable.  This includes the New Year’s Bubbly too! Continue reading

The “Off the Grid” Local Thanksgiving

The intention of this year’s Thanksgiving was to focus our sustainable living efforts towards the use of local ingredients. The greater powers-that-be apparently thought that was too easy and decided to challenge us further by hitting us with a doozy of a winter storm that knocked out the power for three days.  

So not only were we challenged with making our favorite dishes with some new techniques and ingredients (aka homemade Cream of Mushroom Soup and a local Heritage Turkey), generic viagra cialis sale we also had to cook everything without and oven or conventional range stove. We were not going to let this act of nature stop us from celebrating and eating our Thanksgiving meal.  

So here is how we faired not only cooking a sustainably sourced Thanksgiving meal but how we prepared it “off-the-grid”.  

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Grilled Oysters on the Half-Shell

Grilled oysters are one of the favorite appetizers at Camp 4.  Many guests who have sworn off these tasty bivalves have had their minds and pallets opened thanks to this recipe.

I originally had a version of these at Red Fish Grill in New Orleans.  While this recipe is not the version I had there, viagra sickness I was inspired by their simple preparation and the addition of the smoke flavor that was imparted by nothing more than butter and the natural flare up that happens on the open flame of the grill.

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