Independence Day: Get to know your community

During the summer, buy cialis sovaldi sale it gets easier to be outside and do things.  This should include getting together with your neighbors for an ol’ fashioned BBQ.  In our neighborhood, viagra we use the 4th of July as a perfect excuse to get everyone out of their houses and celebrating.  We also set it up in a “progressive dinner” style which adds to the fun!

No, pharmacy “progressive” doesn’t equate to a political affiliation, but rather we start at one neighbor’s house, and progress to another house, and then another, and then another, over the course of the evening.  This shares the burden of hosting with everyone and allows for participants to come and go as their schedules allow.

We are very lucky to have fabulous neighbors all around us.  And we know how fabulous they are because we make a point of getting together and celebrating.

Getting to know your neighbors is not only a socially rewarding thing to do, but it also helps in an emergency situation.  Not that you ever hope to meet your neighbors for something like that, but it helps to have a  network around you.  If tragities like Katrina, 9/11 and the Japan earthquakes have taught us anything, it is the power of community and being able to work together.  But for now, let’s just focus on the fun of getting to know those around you by having a great party!

Progressive dinner parties are easy to organize.  When we got started, we went around and collected emails from our neighbors.  Then you just pick a date and send out an electronic invite, asking neighbors to invite others that you may not have on your list.  Once you have a sense of who is available, reach out to understand who wants to host a portion of the dinner.

For our neighborhood, it has become a progression based on passion for a section of the meal.  One of our neighbors loves cocktails and appetizers (even takes the time to garnish with vegetables carved into flowers!) so it is an obvious choice for them to choose the start of the evening.  Another neighbor picks up the main dinner with the meat for the BBQ and others bringing a side or salad to pass.  Then another neighbor does dessert (we usually do this because of my passion for sweets).  And then as a finale to our dinner, another neighbor who is an actor and runs a production company, has an outdoor movie (complete with big outdoor screen and surround sound).

You can have people pick certain parts of a meal, or favorite dishes.  It is really up to you and your neighborhood, but what is important is getting out there and knowing your community.

So don’t let summer pass you by this year without getting your community together.

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