The new Grocery Getter – The electric assist bike

Last month, viagra buy ampoule I hit the open road for our island’s annual garden tour.  And unlike past years, best cialis I thought I should embrace alternative transportation and bike to each one of the gardens (a 25 mile tour with hills, valleys and more hills).

What I miscalculated was 1) my level of conditioning 2) the weight of my road bike on all the hills!

Let me just say first, it was totally fun, but exhasting!  But let me also admit, it got me thinking why I don’t get around town by bike more often.  The answer boils down to the reasons outlined in points #1 and #2 above.

So #1 is just about getting out there and getting back in shape – I will admit that the last year has had me in front of my computer more than working out.  But as much good intention I have, every time I think about biking somewhere, I remember the killer hills near our home and my ambitions to be a biking road warrior quickly die.  So that leads to point #2 – getting a better bike to help me get up the hills.

So wrapped in a cloud of Bengay, I head to my local bike shop for some coaching and purchase support.

For biking enthusists, bike stores are fantastic fun.  For those of us that don’t have a clue about bikes beyond two wheels and a chain, they can be very intimidating places.  Our local bike store was not at all intimidating and were very comfortable with showing me the way to a perfect bike for my needs.

I was pretty blunt about what I wanted – I want something to allow me to get around town so I didn’t have to drive and will allow me to get up the hills easier.  They asked about my biking habits, more in-depth on how I would like to use the bike, and where I would go.  After looking at a lot of lightweight traditional commuting bikes, they introduced me to an electric assist bike.

For those not familiar, an electric assist bike is just that – when you need assistance- say getting up a big hill- you kick in an electric battery driven motor that gives you a boost.  You still peddle and use the gears like you would on a traditional bike, but the electric motor is there to give you a push.

I took it for a test ride and I was sold!  With the help of the assist, I could scale hills without breaking a sweat.  Rather than recreation, this was transportation.

So now seeing this as a transportation alternative, I started inquiring into how to haul things around town. I was introduced to the Burley Travoy.  If you think the an electric assist bike will work for you, wait until you see this!  It hooks to the back of a bike with a snap and can be transformed into a cart for shopping or commuting due to folding components.  It is designed to get things from here to there with minimum impact on the hauler (you).

So after my test drive, I rode it home.  A beauty of a ride and when I want a little more exercise, I just dialed down the assistance level.

Now the test was getting the grocery shopping done.

The challenge?  Roughly 10km (round trip), in jeans, delivering 40 lbs. of groceries.  The reality?  No problem!  Hauled it all home without issue.  Impact?  Minimum to the environment while still being a workout (like a good, healthy walk).

So I love my new grocery getter and now am upping my self-challenge.  All in town needs are being met with this new form of transportation.  From delivering our eggs around town, to getting groceries and to meetings, this is the form of transportation we are now using.  We are going to keep a record of the mileage and the financial and environmental impact and will keep you informed on our progress, challenges and successes.  But at least now, the hills are no excuse.

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