Twelve of our Favorite (Sustainable Living) Things

As we wrap up the year, generic viagra prostate our family likes to reflect on our favorite sustainable living products that we discovered this year and that made our quest to live a life with less impact easier.  And in true holiday style, order we have selected twelve of our can’t-live-without favorites in honor of the Twelve Days of Christmas.  Some of these products make great stocking stuffers so if you are looking for affordable, last minute gifts, hopefully this serves as inspiration.

  1. Niagara Conservation Showerheads: Save energy and water (and money) with the #1 high-efficiency showerhead. You won’t notice that you are using less.
  2. To-Go-Ware Bamboo Utensil Set: Every family member has a least one of these in their backpack, car and/or purse.  Sustainable silverware so you can just say no to plastic when you are out and about.  I take mine when I travel – TSA friendly.
  3. Theo Chocolates: The only organic, fair trade, bean-to-bar chocolate factory in the United States.  And they make fabulous chocolate and are local (for us).
  4. Doggie Dooley: Man’s new best friend is a solution for his best friend.  Take care of pet waste in a way that won’t pollute the environment or add tons of baggies to landfills.  You still have to scoop but it is the best way to handle the poop.
  5. Skoy Cleaning Cloths: Say goodbye to paper towels forever!  We love using these cleaning cloths that are made from soy, work better than paper, do the work of 15+ rolls of paper towel, and biodegrade.
  6. Crown Bees: We all need bees to pollinate our food and one native Mason Bee does the work of 200 honey bees.  We introduced these to our yard and saw the bee-nefit in one season.  And because they don’t sting, you don’t need a suit to care for them.
  7. Territorial Seed Company: Whether you are planting a full veggie garden or just a few herbs on your windowsill, these seeds have been curated from backyard gardens and brought to you by this privately held, family owned business.
  8. Organic Essence Lip Balm: Pure, organic, natural ingredients with no preservatives or colors, make this luxurious lip balm.  And it is packed in an “Eco Tube” that has no plastic and bio-degrades in your home’s compost pile.
  9. Flip & Tumble Reusable Produce Bags: Add this to your grocery shopping habits along with your reusable totes.  Used instead of the plastic produce bags and keeps food safe and fresh and the grocery store checkout staff can still see what is inside.
  10. SpringLight CFL: Lower your energy bills with the quick and ease swap out of your indecent bulbs with this line-up of compact fluorescents.
  11. Mrs. Meyer’s Cleaning Products: When you can’t make your own cleaning products (or don’t want to), we have been very impressed with the performance of these products without harsh chemicals.
  12. Vapur Water Bottle: Never buy bottled water again.  These reusable “anti-bottles” are fun, freezable and fold up to fit in your purse or backpack.


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One thought on “Twelve of our Favorite (Sustainable Living) Things

  1. Kati

    What a great idea. I love the reusable produce bags – definitely going to pick up some of those for Christmas this year!

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