Lean, GREEN, Workout Routine

For many of us, viagra sale stuff the New Year welcomes a renewed mission to get healthy and adopt better habits.  For me this includes a return to eating more vegetables and working out more.  This year, I took a look at my work out regiment to discover solutions that are good for me and the environment.  Here are some ways that you too could “green” your workout routine.

The Routine

Work out at Home: Your home can be your gym and you don’t have to burn fossil fuels to get there and back.  Most workouts can be done with a chair, hospital a mat, and some open floor space.  I set up in front of the T.V. and watch the nightly news using the commercials, which are conveniently in 30 second increments, for interval training. No membership required.

Get outside: Stationary workout equipment uses a lot of energy.  Instead, physician opt for a walk or run outside versus pounding out the miles on a treadmill.  Or you can brush off your bike and go for a spin around the block.  When the weather keeps me indoors, I have a gently-used bike trainer that transforms my road bike into a stationary bike.

Recharge your life: For those who like some motivation during workouts, you can capture the energy you generate and use it to charge your smartphone or mp3 player.  Here is a cool idea for a DIY device that does just that; but admittedly I haven’t gotten to trying this yet.

The Gear

Reduce/Reuse/Recycle: Workout gear does not need to be new to be effective.  You can find gently used weights, mats, or other gear online or at resale shops.   Filled water jugs and old bicycle tire tubes can be repurposed into weights and resistance bands.  If your preference is to workout at a gym, make sure to bring your own water bottle and use only one towel versus two or more.

Learn to Share: Arrange a gear swap or rotational calendar for sharing large pieces of equipment with friends and neighbors.  Not everyone needs to have their own and you can get some variety into your routine.

Low-impact Shoes: High-performance with low-impact on your body and the environment.  Look for shoes that are made without PVC and with recycled materials.  When you are ready for new shoes, make sure to give your old shoes a second life by recycling them.  Nike has a wonderful “ReUse a Shoe” program that uses all parts.

Clothes: Avoid products made with bleached cotton, spandex, polyester and other petroleum based materials.  Look for items made from organic cotton, bamboo or other sustainably grown materials like coconut husks.  Companies like Patagonia and REI have adopted sustainable business practices for all their products that protect the planet and the people making them.

So get out there and try to do something good for you and the environment.  Every bit helps!

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