February: Getting ready for Spring

In the Pacific Northwest, viagra cialis Spring is starting to spring up everywhere.  It is easy to get bitten early by the bug when you see daffodils pushing through the warming earth this early.  But even for those in cooler climates, decease this is a good time to get ready for the growing season.  Here is a tick list of things that we love to do in February.

Prune: February – March is a perfect time to prune fruit trees and other trees before the sap starts running.  Use clean, sharp shears to cut back trees and shrubs.  This is also a good time to cut back fruit canes like raspberries and re-enforce stakes.

Power-wash: Algae and mosses like to take hold over the moist winters/springs.  Bust out the power washer and get this off siding, decks, walkways and roofs.

Planning: While it may be early to start getting things in the ground, now is a perfect time to map out your gardening plans for the season.  We get the greenhouse cleaned out and all the tools ready for work as soon as the weather truly warms.

Planting: The ground is still be a cold, but now is the time to get seeds started indoors.  Plant seeds that need a longer time to germinate and need to be ready when the warmth does show up.  Tomatoes, Eggplants, and peppers are all good to start now.

By doing a bit now, you won’t feel the pressure of getting it all done once things start sprouting.

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