Sustainable Living

At Camp 4, best cialis treat I try to live everyday a little more sustainable than the last.  This is my blog to share my adventures.

Camp 4 is my home where I explore sustainable ways to preserve the 4 necessities of life – Food, cialis online Water, best cialis physician Shelter and Community. At Camp 4, for sale I try to live everyday a little more sustainable than the last.

Camp 4 started when my husband and I moved to Bainbridge Island (near Seattle) and bought a home that came complete with a flock of cheap cialis sale online 9 chickens.  As someone who had studied Animal Science and came from a farming family, this did not seem all that revolutionary but it was in fact, evolutionary.  Evolutionary in the fact that it started to transform our way of thinking about how we were living and the affect that had on the island, the region and the planet.

So what started as an exercise in keeping a few chickens quickly became an exploration and experimentation into what else we could do to live a more sustainable lifestyle.  And as we were “doing” others started asking “how” and we made the cheap kamagra internet decision to take what we have learned (and are learning) to anyone that was interested.

Camp 4 is now a living lab for sustainable living practices.  We are willing to give anything a try and cipro without prescription adopt those changes that work with our lifestyle choices. Are we completely “green”? No, but we try to be.

At Camp 4, we believe that the best sustainable choices are the ones that are relatively easy for you to adopt - the changes that come naturally.  What we have found is once you make a few little choices, it becomes easier to make more and more choices that all lead to a healthier and “greener” lifestyle.  That’s why we will always give you range of solutions – from ”light green” to “forest green” (e.g. easiest to more complicated).

Any changes that you choose to implement will have a positive affect and if we all make changes, it will add up to having a big affect on the world around us.

So let Camp 4 be your resource for sustainable living ideas.  We will share what we learn as we explore sustainable ways to preserve the 4 necessities of life – Food, Water, Shelter and Community.

As we are always learning, please use this site to share your thoughts about what works (and doesn’t).  We look forward to hearing from you and trying out some of your best practices.

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