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Plight of the Honey bee

We are finally up and running with our Camp 4 blog.  Check back daily for information on what we are doing to live more sustainably. We look forward to hearing you suggestions as well so that we can make our lives, viagra buy site and the planet, a better place.
Camp 4 is where living sustainably comes naturally.  And fine ceramic art gets created. And I take the understanding of both (specifically with Food & Beverage + Creativity) and have a Innovation Consulting Firm as well.

Yes, buy viagra physician I am busy.

Camp 4 started as my home on Bainbridge Island where I try to live a more sustainable lifestyle and share my adventures with the world.  I believe that living more sustainably happens step by step, cialis usa and should come naturally to you and your family.  The more you decide to adopt and do, the better we will all be.

In 2011, I started an Innovation Consulting Firm called Flashpoint Strategy, which helps large and small companies unlock their growth opportunities through innovative ideas, new products and strategies.

The trifecta was complete when in 2014, I opened a ceramic studio on the property so that I could translate the beauty of the natural world into thrown pottery and sculpture.  Using the raw elements of Earth, Water and Fire, fine art is created.

There is lots to explore at Camp 4 and I hope you join me on my journey.

Come follow me on my adventures and let me know your thoughts!

If you have read any agricultural magazines or even bought a pint of Häagen-Dazs ice cream lately, cialis canada for sale you know that Honeybees are in trouble. This means we could be in trouble too as Honey bees are critical to our food supply. We need bees to pollinate many of our fruits, buy viagra veggies and nuts. Without bees, we will miss out on many of our favorite (and needed) foods.

There is this mysterious disease that causes all the honeybees in the hive to just disappear – Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). There are no real conclusions to what causes CCD but there are some choices we can all make that can help the “Plight of the Honeybee”.

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