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Day 2: Now things get real and wonderful


Today started with all of us finally arriving in Ho Chi Minh city just after midnight. It was hot and humid and while air conditioned beds awaited us, viagra sales see we first opted for a quick celebration of our arrival by sharing a few beers and stories of the nearly 24 hour journey from our little island on the buy priligy online other side of the Pacific.

After a few hours of much needed sleep, click we got to be tourist in the busy city of Ho Chi Minh.
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Vietnam: Where our Answers will be Questioned

For us, viagra sales purchase “Community” is a critical part of the Sustainable Living formula; so much so that it is the fourth pillar in our Camp 4 our Sustainable Living approach (which, discount for those who are curious, all four pillars are Food, Water, Shelter, Community).  We feel blessed everyday to live in a wonderful island community but it is easy to forget that not every part of the world is just like here so we are stretching our idea of community beyond “the local” to “the global”.  And to widen this lens of community, we are thrilled to be traveling to Vietnam in March with PeaceTrees Vietnam.

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Widening the Lens of Community : Upcoming journey to Vietnam

Every year we look forward to renewing our local CSA (Community Sustainable Agriculture) memberships.  On Bainbridge Island, best viagra case we enjoy our weekly produce from Butler Green Farms CSA program but we really look forward to our monthly delivery of fresh oysters through the Port Madison Community Shellfish Farms.

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Independence Day: Get to know your community

The use of “green” is everywhere these days.  I am not talking about use of the color in fashion or the summer pallet of the trees, cialis canada ailment but the use of the word to describe a way of living – “Green Living”.

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to finding time to “save the strattera for sale planet”, I struggled to get to this momentous task as part of my day.  After getting through my list of things to do, I feel truly accomplished if I actually have time to read one of the magazines siting in a decorative pile on my coffee table.

But I wanted to do something to help out the planet.  These days, unhealthy you hear so much about how the climate is changing and there is an island of garbage is floating in the seas and cheap viagra switch maestro how the polar bears don’t have solid ice to stand on.  I am even struck by how things have changed during my lifetime. I look at the kids playing in our neighborhood and wonder, “what things will be like for them when they are my age?”.  But what can I do?  What does it mean to live “green”?

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