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Day 2: Now things get real and wonderful


Today we truly entered Vietnam. After a day of the busy, generic cialis for sale jet-lagged, cialis buy hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh City, we were all ready to get into the county to really see Vietnam. And we did. And it is more beautiful than I could have ever imagined.
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Vietnam: Where our Answers will be Questioned


We made it to the airport. And successfully checked in. And only left one thing at security (which since then has been retrieved). And now we are waiting for the plane to Seoul, sildenafil drugstore our interim stop to Vietnam, viagra usa and attentions are drawn to the anticipation of the journey and what we will see, remedy do and experience.

So far, the best statement so far has been, “All your answers will be questioned”.
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Widening the Lens of Community : Upcoming journey to Vietnam

Photo credit: PeaceTrees VietNam

For me, viagra buy sovaldi sale “Community” is a critical part of the Sustainable Living formula; so much so that it is the fourth pillar in our Camp 4 our Sustainable Living approach (which, best cialis for those who are curious, all four pillars are Food, Water, Shelter, Community).  We feel blessed everyday to live in a wonderful island community but it is easy to forget that not every part of the world is just like it is here so we are stretching our idea of community beyond “the local” to “the global”.  And to widen this lens of community, pharmacy I am thrilled to be traveling to Vietnam with PeaceTrees Vietnam.

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Independence Day: Get to know your community

During the summer, buy cialis sovaldi sale it gets easier to be outside and do things.  This should include getting together with your neighbors for an ol’ fashioned BBQ.  In our neighborhood, viagra we use the 4th of July as a perfect excuse to get everyone out of their houses and celebrating.  We also set it up in a “progressive dinner” style which adds to the fun!

No, pharmacy “progressive” doesn’t equate to a political affiliation, but rather we start at one neighbor’s house, and progress to another house, and then another, and then another, over the course of the evening.  This shares the burden of hosting with everyone and allows for participants to come and go as their schedules allow.

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