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Duck Bacon Pasta Alla Carbonara

I made this dish for my husband’s birthday.  It features our Duck Eggs and Duck Bacon (which is essentially cured duck breast sliced on the bias and leaving the fat in place).  It was incredible!  Best eaten the same day it is prepared as over time the “sauce” is absorbed into the noodles and loses the texture.

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Waking up (early) to Sustainability

This article posted first on Family Circle.

Enjoy reading all about our adventures with our rooster and how we got started exploring the wild world of  sustainable living.

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Devilish Eggs

The devil is in the details for this Deviled Egg recipe. Riffing off Asian flavor combonations (sweet, viagra sales medicine sour, viagra canada salty, spicy and Unami) these savory delights are sinfully good. We use our own older chicken or duck eggs – if you use fresh eggs it makes them hard to peel. These are great paired with Rhubarb DRY Soda.

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Picking up Chicks: For your Backyard Flock

They are cute.  They are fluffy.  They peep and peck.  They make it feel like it is spring.  They are little chicks and a fun  and especially cute part of having your own backyard chicken flock.

This post will give you the adorable truth about picking up chicks and raising them into chickens (or check out our informational video – complete with peeps and pecks).

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Raising Chickens 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Getting into Backyard Birds

   One of our first sustainable living adventures at Camp 4 was to start raising chickens for eggs.  We had it relatively easy given that the prior owners had already put in the coop and there were 8 laying chickens in residence.  We didn’t know too much about raising chickens, viagra buy clinic but we have learned that it is relatively easy and a lot of fun.  

  Having your own backyard chickens is becoming all the rage and is an easy way to live more sustainably.  Now that we have almost 4 years of experience in this, viagra usa I am always being asked by people how they should get started.  So let’s get started on the A, B, C’s of raising chickens. Continue reading