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Duck Bacon Pasta Alla Carbonara

I made this dish for my husband’s birthday.  It features our Duck Eggs and Duck Bacon (which is essentially cured duck breast sliced on the bias and leaving the fat in place).  It was incredible!  Best eaten the same day it is prepared as over time the “sauce” is absorbed into the noodles and loses the texture.

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The “Off the Grid” Local Thanksgiving

The intention of this year’s Thanksgiving was to focus our sustainable living efforts towards the use of local ingredients. The greater powers-that-be apparently thought that was too easy and decided to challenge us further by hitting us with a doozy of a winter storm that knocked out the power for three days.  

So not only were we challenged with making our favorite dishes with some new techniques and ingredients (aka homemade Cream of Mushroom Soup and a local Heritage Turkey), generic viagra cialis sale we also had to cook everything without and oven or conventional range stove. We were not going to let this act of nature stop us from celebrating and eating our Thanksgiving meal.  

So here is how we faired not only cooking a sustainably sourced Thanksgiving meal but how we prepared it “off-the-grid”.  

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Meet Tom – Our Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving started as a way to give thanks for the bounty of the season. While it has evolved to include binge eating, cialis sales viagra football, cialis viagra and battling traffic in both airports and roadways, buy cialis it still maintains a focus on food. And the highlight of this focus is traditionally the Thanksgiving Turkey.

I usually don’t plan in advance, but this past spring I learned that fellow micro-farmer Mark Tiernan of Rolling Bay Farms was thinking about raising Turkeys. In years past, I had purchased what my husband called “the golden turkey” which was an organic, free range, “local” turkey that actually came from California frozen and wrapped in plastic for $5 per pound. Not really what we were expecting so getting a real island grown turkey was definitely an opportunity we didn’t want to miss.

And we would be able to watch it grow up!
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A Local Thanksgiving: Adventures in going local for the biggest food holiday (part 1)

Thanksgiving is coming fast.. And as a family attempting to live a more sustainable life you can’t take a holiday during the holidays. In fact, viagra sales there there is no better way to celebrate the riches of Thanksgiving than by setting a place at your table for local foods.

And oh by the way, viagra no bigger pressure to deliver the best recipes for your guests than during this blessed time of year. So am I really going to abandon tried and true favorites for an “all local” theme?

We are going to try..

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Oysters – Earth’s Delicious Water Filter

Some people love ‘em, cialis sale viagra some people hate ‘em; some people grill them, viagra some people slurp them.  Personally, cialis I love oysters!

When I think about them, phrases that you would expect to find in Dr. Suess books spring into conscientiousness.. “I would eat them with my favorite brew, I would eat them in a simple stew.  I would eat them standing on a hill, I would eat them with some dill. I would eat them here.  I would eat them there.  I would eat them anywhere!”

But by far, there is nothing better than slurping oysters along the waters edge right after you harvest them – especially in months that have an “R” in it.  This post will about this lovely little bivalve – why they are important to our waters and how we at Camp 4 like to eat them (recipe link included!!) Continue reading