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The Buzz about Mason Bees

Spring is springing up in most places this time of year. That means that flowers are poking out of the earth, cialis usa sovaldi baby animals are being born (check out our new chicks), best cialis and bees are starting to buzz around. While you may think “bees” just means “honeybees”, there are many other insects out and about performing the very critical task of pollinating flowering trees, vegetable gardens and flowers. Without pollinators, we wouldn’t have food.

Mason Bees, or Orchard Bees, are insect pollinators that are native to North America. These bees are different from the traditional honeybee and an important part of your local food and garden system. Besides being native to the U.S. and assumingly more prepared to deal with our climates and environments, they also do not require the same amount of care. They are also more efficient pollinators that other insects including honeybees!

Why mason bees?

  1. They are great pollinators and do wonders for your gardens
  2. They are easy to care for
  3. They don’t sting unless really, really, really threatened (which is great for people that are allergic to honeybee stings)

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