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Time to Sign Up for your Shell-fish CSA membership

Every year we look forward to renewing our local CSA (Community Sustainable Agriculture) memberships.  On Bainbridge Island, cialis illness we enjoy our weekly produce from Butler Green Farms CSA program but we really look forward to our monthly delivery of fresh oysters through the Port Madison Community Shellfish Farms.

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Oysters – Earth’s Delicious Water Filter

Some people love ‘em, cialis sale viagra some people hate ‘em; some people grill them, viagra some people slurp them.  Personally, cialis I love oysters!

When I think about them, phrases that you would expect to find in Dr. Suess books spring into conscientiousness.. “I would eat them with my favorite brew, I would eat them in a simple stew.  I would eat them standing on a hill, I would eat them with some dill. I would eat them here.  I would eat them there.  I would eat them anywhere!”

But by far, there is nothing better than slurping oysters along the waters edge right after you harvest them – especially in months that have an “R” in it.  This post will about this lovely little bivalve – why they are important to our waters and how we at Camp 4 like to eat them (recipe link included!!) Continue reading