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Sustainable New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s is not a blow-the-doors-off party for us.  We take time with the family and enjoy a quiet evening together and a bonfire (weather permitting of course).  After all the busy rushing around, generic viagra there it is our time to reflect on the past year and ponder how we want to approach the fresh start that the New Year offers.

Beyond the traditional diet promises that we all make only to abandon them 2-weeks later, generic cialis we look for one little thing we can do for the planet.  Your resolution choice is completely up to you, unhealthy but to make things easy we have listed some of our favorite, simple things you could commit to.  After all, no point in starting really big and feeling like you have a mountain to climb.

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Waking up (early) to Sustainability

This article posted first on Family Circle.

Enjoy reading all about our adventures with our rooster and how we got started exploring the wild world of  sustainable living.

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Meet Tom – Our Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving started as a way to give thanks for the bounty of the season. While it has evolved to include binge eating, cialis sales viagra football, cialis viagra and battling traffic in both airports and roadways, buy cialis it still maintains a focus on food. And the highlight of this focus is traditionally the Thanksgiving Turkey.

I usually don’t plan in advance, but this past spring I learned that fellow micro-farmer Mark Tiernan of Rolling Bay Farms was thinking about raising Turkeys. In years past, I had purchased what my husband called “the golden turkey” which was an organic, free range, “local” turkey that actually came from California frozen and wrapped in plastic for $5 per pound. Not really what we were expecting so getting a real island grown turkey was definitely an opportunity we didn’t want to miss.

And we would be able to watch it grow up!
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Caprese Pizza

Everyone was so excited about our Potato & Rosemary Pizza recipe, cialis usa cheap that we decided to share another one with you.  This one is just as easy but grills fast so you can get people eating sooner.  Add this recipe to your line-up of pizzas on the grill and you will have quite a party.  Kids like this one too and have fun helping to make it (and eating it, of course).

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Potato & Rosemary Pizza


Summer time is about grilling and being outside with friends and family.  We are very fortunate to live in an area where the neighbors are close (but not too close) and always good for a spontaneous get together.  Throwing the party is easy – call a few people you know and have them bring whatever they have for an appetizer and to drink – and you can get a few pizzas on the grill.

One of our go-to recipes for just such an occation is our Potato & Rosemary Pizza.  The ingredients are easy to come by and it gets the needed “oohs”, best cialis seek “aahs” and “yums” from your guests.

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